Scrisoare catre Kozyavkin

O initiativa laudabila din partea Familiei Uzea de a  crea pe Facebook Grupul „Recuperarea copiilor in Ucraina” si a aduna aici 26 de familii implicate direct in recuperarea copiilor lor la aceasta clinica.

Odata cu crearea grupului, o alta initiativa demna de lauda este scrisoarea de mai jos, prin care se cere Conducerii Clinicii sa nu ridice pretul tratamentului in 2013 de la 2190 euro la 2410  euro.  Am semnat si noi, scrisoarea a fost trimisa si speram din tot sufletul sa primim un raspuns pozitiv.

Va redau textul original aici:

For the International Clinic of Rehabilitation Staff

Pomiretska Str.37, 82200

Truskavets, Ukraine

Dear Sirs,

A number of  26  families from Romania join the undertaking  already done by 11 families,  wherewith  we want to expressed our worry concerning the raise of the price for Romanian patients treatment by 210 euro in year 2013,respectively from 2190 euro to 2410 euro.

For that purpose ,we’d like to make the following clarifications assignations:

For most of the Romanian patients the price is already prohibitive in relation to based on the salaries that’s why we have to get the needed money from the sponsors, bank loans, family members, but in this actual economic crisis it’s harder and harder to find these financial resources , even more  if these ones will increase.

From the beginning of this year, our national currency   has depreciated with 8% in relation to EURO, and  for the next year the forecast regarding depreciation is with 10-15% more , what , besides the raise of the price applied by the clinic ,it means for us a very big effort and hard to get. Our government brings nothing  for covering those costs, the only support for our families being a monthly allocation for the child  in amount of about 140 euro.

The raise of the price concerns us very much, because we might be under the necessity of reducing the number of the treatments/ per year or, even worse, giving up on them,  which will affect very much the progresses made by our children untill now by the Kozyavkin Method – Intensive Neurophysiological Rehabilitation System, and will reduce very much the rehabilitation  chances .

That’s why we kindly ask you to analyze the possibility of keeping the actual price or a moderate raise of it, which will come to support many Romanian families who appreciate the high level of treatment in your clinic and make special efforts for continuing it.

Hoping for a favorable solution, we thank you!


With profound respect and  distinct consideration,

fam. Cristea
fam. Cristian
fam. Despa  
fam. Diaconu
fam. Ditescu
fam. Drutau
fam. Dulus
fam. Elvireanu
fam. Fotea
fam. Ghita
fam. Ion
fam. Mitica
fam. Pop
fam. Pop Rafa
fam. Popa
fam. Radu
fam. Radulescu
fam. Stelian
fam. Suteu
fam. Tarantoc
fam. Taut
fam. Tutuianu
fam. Tutunaru
fam. Urda
fam. Ureche
fam. Uzea

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