Born on the May 28-th 2006,  Stephan, requires treatments every forth to the fifth month. So far the six sessions in Ukraine, have given him very good results. For one treatment, Stefanut needs to raise €3800 but no matter how small, your donation will make a difference.

Grant Stefanut his wish of being happy and finally able to enjoy his childhood!

A special thank you to all!

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Let me tell you a few words of my 5 years old son,  Stefan, he might be as people say “bit different” but for us is the light of our life. Unfortunately, he suffered a lot so far, traveled through many corridors of clinics, hospitals, he had lots of treatments and so many practitioners and therapists over his 5 years of life.

Stefan was diagnosed from the start with a bunch of  conditions such as: Hypoplastic corpus callosum, Congenital hydrocephalus, Muscle weakness (hypotonia), Brachial plexus block, Convergent strabismus, Left hip dysplasia, Talipes equinovarus (clubfoot), Platfus(flat feet) and speech problems.

All this started during my pregnancy, the cause is still unknown, the research is still ongoing but we do try to keep positive and be optimistic for what is happening at present and looking to a better future. We hope to recuperate Stefan, before he will realize he is a bit different than other kids, all he lost so far and hopefully we can reborn a new healthy child.

At his 5 years of age, Stefan can walk and for the moment he also joined a private kindergarten.

He underwent 6 sessions of intensive recuperation at “International Clinic of Rehabilitation” Truskavets, Ukraine; 1 session at “Peto Institute” Budapest, Hungary and other therapy sessions back in Romania : Speech therapy ( logopedy); Physiotherapy; Hydrotherapie, Kineto Therapy, Hipo Therapy, Bowen Therapy, we can honestly say that he is now able to walk better, be more creative, learn faster and also we started understanding him better as he tries his best to be understood.

But, going through all this effort, our son is still not able to improve his speech and was diagnosed with a mild case of psychical retardation in the past. But as things progressed we recently found out he has another problem that is for sure related to what I have written above. Apparently both of his drums are flat and rigid, this is new for us as I said but we are looking into it as we speak.

For his clubfoot we managed to find another efficient method, Ponseti Method.

For three month in a row he had to wear a cast while undergoing an operation at Achilles tendon.

For some month now he is wearing joined orthotics on both legs all through the night. We started the physiotherapy after he had his cast taken down, but what we do here in Brasov (Romania) it is not enough, what he would really benefit from is 2 week sessions at the Ukraine clinic where he is worked efficiently and intensively.

Due to the 3 month cast period, he lost contact with the kindergarten and the integration back to the normal schedule was quite difficult. He managed to fight all this and now he is the most loverbal, happy, sociable child but having to take his drug prescription (some of them for life), many of them helping with some conditions, they come back with a massive kick, nervosity.

This is why, Hipo therapy (therapy with horses or dolphins), must go on to help him socialize more. But as if it wouldn’t be enough, Stefan developed along a horrible allergic rhinitis and Asthma (all this is under observation, at the moment). To improve his breathing fits he needs natural aerosol, the sea. We live in the mountain area and all put together, therapies and kindergarten makes it very difficult to take in consideration a seaside brake.

We tried to integrate Stefan in a normal kindergarten but due people mentalities which we constantly fight with, we had to choose a more expensive way, privately. At this point in time, we do struggle a lot continuing all this for him, we do not want to put aside any of the above and to be honest it is hard to admit at some point that you do need help.

An assistance and aid from outside would come in hand (help him integrate in a UNICEF program, a program that helps children rights) – in the end I think all children should have equal rights and the opportunity to learn and develop.

I am thanking you in advance for your patience in reading our letter and hope Stefan has touched your hearts.

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